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I (heart) Anime super-powers

Your power is: Transportation

Explanation: To simply matters you can,
all in all, transport your way to places. This
helps you get to places faster and be more
efficient. In combat that is also good since
your enemy will not know where you are and you
can get surprise attacks on him/her. For evil
purposes you can break in to banks etc and rob
places. For good purposes you can save people
kidnapped in places (if you know where they
are) etc.
As a person you are always on the go and don't
like not having anything to do. You see boredom
as useless and try to avoid it. Therefor you
have many friends that can keep you occupied.
Other characteristics are that you're a nice
and easy-going person, and maybe even popular.
You are impulsive, energetic and just someone
looking for a fun time and adventures. People
can't be bored with you.

Negative aspects: You have a tendency to
not stick with people and can get enemies when
you're not loyal. You can also back-talk people
which will make you less liked.

What Power is Compatible With You?
brought to you by Quizilla, how about those negatives? Ouch! Harsh!! I actually consider myself Very Loyal, and never one to talk behind anyone's back, so I can take this with a dollop of whipped cream or something 'cause it is SO Off base for me in that side-line.. Go take the meme though: the pictures are all cute Anime drawings & the super powers are pretty awesome, too (I looked at the 'see all results' button after taking the quiz) OH, yeah, and I did a bunch of spelling corrections on my report here, the spelling errors were too cute, though! My favorite one I noticed right off was: "so it won't come as a big chock." hee hee, nearly Freudian, but not quite... too bad?

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