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Order cookies anyone? $3.50/box

Aurora's selling girl scout cookies if anyone wants some please post how many of which kind here by 1/28 - her cookie orders are due in on Monday. ;)

Here's a link to read about the cookies they have this year, the new ones this year are "leamondades" which are shortbread w/lemon icing
The new ones' they brought back from last year are "thanks a lot" that say "thank you" in 5 languages & are shortbread w/chocolate on the backs.
Then they have the classics: thin mints, peanut butter (2 kinds) plain shortbread which looks like a girlscout emblem & um... oh, they brought back the lowfat "oatmeal cookie" - yeah, right.

I'll try to post some pics here, lessee...

PS: oh, and I forgot to say, the cookies come in on Feb 12th & I'll do delivery/pickup arrangements & call ya when they get in. =)
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