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yeah, i donno : more nostalgia

This is the switch above the stove in the open kitchen at my grandparent's cabin/home - so I've looked at it so many times, I decided I wanted to photograph it. It's kinda rustic & cozy; not my norm. kinda photo, but I think it captured the mood of the place pretty well:

oh; an my family built the cabin & kept adding on more & more (started w/the sauna, added the house - years later got around to a kitchen , the a bathroom - instead of an ol outhouse , then a laundry room & 2nd bathroom, 2nd bedroom - the tools/woodshop as another building: it's a really nice place now, wow.) anyhow - point is I always get a bit of a kick seeing two lightswitches smooshed together, that no one bothered to figure out how to combine, yet somehow it kinda works, in its low tech way.
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