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backlog of photos

standing on clear ice:

cold boats, some of the cabin boats lined up for winter:

Athena raiding the olives at the cabin dinner table:

Tennessee: 5 going on 15? His mom, Peggy says "no: he already asks am I cool like a teenager?" heh. yup. kids.

the explorers:

another shot of the amazing ice rifts; Aurora showing off another chunk of ice she's about to throw. um. yeah,kids.

Athena in front of the family sauna: Rock reinforcements put in one by one by my family to save the sauna from washing away! Pete & all the crew took the rocks out by canoe & did this for many days to finish the rock wall here:

i can totally do the splits: watch me.

Um, so here's a typical family group shot: outside, insane, icy or mountains or something wild, here are the kids, I guess it's in the genes; I call this one 'youngling Tripps' :

ok , so here's the meeting of 2 sides : note the star wars sword & diplomacy begins, I call this one 'meeting on ice':

yeah more, I donno.

here are the kids posing (some reluctantly) in their new PJs by my Aunt Christy (Wren & Tenns granma, Aur & Ath's great Aunt):

I found this funny, and nostalgic: It's lake scandi's dirt road "street sign" plus a cross name of something beach : beach? ! ha. wannabe cali's: prob. belongs to the rich house that built off the main scandi drive: whatever. anyhow the sign's funny:

flowers I bought to cheer up the winter edge

yeah dead cut flowers = the dreary whatever, become a vegetarian then. Life is fleeting.
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