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social puzzle pieces?

Is it odd that I'm kinda mad at myself for staying out too late? (Ang got home at 1:20am & said I could go out, heh, so I did & played poker at a friend's house) ... I was just having too much fun.

Now I'm sleep deprived. I am def. NOT going to say out late on worknights- man, I am so wiped out.

My only idea so far for Wednesday is watching Lost somewhere out, maybe at a friends house or something - I donno, instead of at home; since Ang offered to have the kids that night. I mean, hm.

I could look for another class, but I don't really want to spend more money
- Poker games i know of are on Fris & Sundays, can't go out then very often; and that's ok, the way I play w/friends it's like going out & just spending money: lol.

- I could also investigate out a month or two looking for good concerts that happen on Wednesdays - but again, there's the sleep deprivation issue; concerts almost always go late.

Well; I def. do something ~ pref. that finishes by 9pm. lol.
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