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(un)seasonably sunny today: I like it.

so I was thinking a lot about seasons & climate lately - and the last week I've been rolling around the idea of how often a season is overrun by another season if dif. regions (for example: when I lived in AZ , winter was not really winter, it was more summer. & when I lived in the valley in Oregon, winter was not really "wintery" it was more like autumn. In Seattle? It was like spring was most of summer - and in Minnesota, it's like winter eats spring & there is little to no spring here - maybe a rain or two, but most years no quiet cool balmy: Just cold cold then hot hot. In every area I can remember, really: one season was overrun by another, but which one.

So I started thinking about what I have liked, having lived through all of these; what I missed, what I didn't miss. I'm curious enough now to do a poll. what about you?

Poll #915128 season in, season out

If you had to give up a season of weather, which one would you drop?


If you then had to replace the missing season: what would you choose to extend? I'm thinking the stereotypes so I'll try to describe them, but forgive me if I'm wrong. heh It's generalisms a bit.

Cool to Warm spring with fresh winds and lots of plants/growing and rains
summer hot and sunny, more dry days and warm to hot weather
autumn cool to mild with harvests of crops and perfect for being outdoors all the time, but not cold yet
winter with its unique snow and cold
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