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beer brewing question

hey brewmeisters - what's in a "red ale" that gives it that flavor it has that the other beers don't have?

Well, at least to me it seems, the browns/um, like Newcastle, the malts, the hefeweizen, the stouts, the IPAs, the Pale ales too (I also don't know the dif. between Pale Ales & Indian Pale Ales, but I know they're "different") --anyhow, I mean, that flavor that they , er...don't have? I can't explain it: it's kind of a smooth sweet rounded flavor without any chalkiness or bitter or sour - kind of ?

Edit-----------Um; hm ; seems it might be barley from what I've been able to figure out on my own? I should ask my big brother ~ he's gotten quite good at home brews I'm told; hm: I'll put it on my to remember list; lol.
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