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home office

my cat likes it when I work from home ~ he perches around me all day, then. =)

whatcha doin' now?

I like how he curls his little paws over the edge

I love how the windows are reflected in his eyes in this one & how everything is in focus. my camera usually fails the depth-of-field test with Anero since he's so dark! Part of his fur or whiskers or eyes are usually blurry.

Here he's just so happy. It's cute.

jus' a profile image - watching some dust or something

I blew this one out on exposure on purpose; he's so dark, otherwise he's just a black blob & one can't see his eyes & face. ;) Plus, the computers aren't that pretty heh.

fuzzy face & paw - close up of his eyes; which are super dilated from all the bright sunshine in the art room/office.

ok; this last one he's not on the monitor like he usually is (he likes to be up high) but he had come down to play w/a paper bit for awhile & snuggle on my lap & had decided to stretch in a desk spot warmed by some sunshine - nice. Couldn't resist getting out the camera & taking another photo:
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