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the deceptive beer

So, in reading about beers, I discovered a beer I have/drink on occasion (Killians) is not the "Irish Red Beer" it says it is on the label. In fact, it's a lager, with red dye added. and, and Irish Red beer , has barley in it, for the flavor & color.
Ok - this just happened to you (pretend it is some beer you drink/have drunk if you don't know/care about Killians, k?) _

Some beer company just said they were X, when they're just Y & they added dye to look like an X.
What would ja do???

Ok, say you just found out some beer is not what it says it is - see above text : you are now?? Check all that apply I guess

disgusted, what liars/cheats
um, who cares? It's beer
kinda turned off by it but will prob. still drink it
would stop drinking the beer
would give away the beer you have, in response: u don't want it now
um, would like the beer even better: the genius of it
oh, I don't drink beer
this is all you could come up with, huh?

PS: information on the Killian thing was obtained here:
"Irish red ale is a type of ale originating in Ireland. The slightly reddish colour comes from the use of roasted barley, in addition to the malt. The beers are typically fairly low in alcohol (3.5% ABV typically), although stronger export versions are brewed.

A red ale tastes less bitter or hoppy than an English ale, with a pronounced malty, caramel flavor.

In America the name can describe a darker amber ale, and some large commercial breweries produce a "red" beer that is actually a lager with artificial coloring, such as Coors Killian's Irish Red."
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