Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Is it flipping us off, or waving?

I've been reading/hearing about about this blinking artsy guy for a few days & I just can't keep shut up about it. What spiked this? I heard a clip on the radio from the court trial "What are these for? What's their point? Is it to sell something?" (paraphrase of the judge) "Their point is to get attention, your honor" (respondant, probably the artist but could've been his lawyer)

Gah: It's ART folks, don't be scared. it won't bite, it's not some freaking signal. Honestly this shows what a system of fear has been brewed up in the government - take back your lives folks, let go of the fear-engine. Fear drives poor decisions, anyways.

I think it's kinda cute, but not too original, honestly: reminds me of "space invaders". Remember that game? Space invaders? My big brother played that for hours: heh.
Tags: art, psychology
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