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A week of stuff

As mrsmodew& aelburr know; I gave in & got a new Betta fish - a pretty little blue boy, with long flowy fins, who I just couldn't resist at the pet store when I went to buy Aurora's frog new bloodworms: It was just so pretty & alluring in it's tank, *grin* I had to bring him home with me. - I wanted to call him 'Lil Goth' & Aurora voted for 'Pretty' I said maybe 'Pretty boy' (most the Bettas are boys since the boys have the showy colors) ... & so we've compromised out to 'pretty lil goth boy' : I donno. it suits him though with his dark flowy blue fins with purple irredescent in the light; also, got him a tank buddy who's cool, tiny & snakey; & fast... who is brown and white striped with pink lines too, and likes to curl around the base of the weeds and looks like an Eastern dragon when he/she is not zipping around in the tank super fast; named 'Sneaky' or 'sneaky sneak' ~ heh. I like 'em. Set the tank up in the unused corner of my bed room & the water sound is very nice, added some marbles & pretty large glass beads to the rounded river-rock gravel in the bottom of the tank & live plants: I'll take a picture when I get a new camera. The water is a nice thing in the bedroom too :makes it seem more pleasant & less stagnant/dusty feeling.

NEW Hairstyle:
What else? I got a few highlights added to my hair: I haven't had anyone professionally do my hair since hm; I think 1996! I've always just cut/dyed/bleached/striped my own hair: one time ktig put purple & blue stripes in my blonde hair for me as a favor when I was hangin' out at her place: that looked really sweet. Ah well can't be that pretty at my current job; so I just added sun-light like highlights (or that is what I said I wanted: the look of sun shinin' in my hair or like I've gotten some sunshine somewhere, somehow: heh. Enough to bleach my hair like it used to naturally when I lived on the West coast: *sigh* I miss sun and warmth & beaches. Even the often-cold beaches of Oregon were still lovely. Anyhow: I've gotten a lot of compliments from strangers, or people I've seen since I got it done, so I guess it turned out nicely. It doesn't look natural, but it's fun.

Yeah, crazy I know: but the kids started swimming lessons today: it was fun. Took a hair dryer so we could get all dry before leaving the building. all in all went well. Quite a lot of kids in the pool! There are 8 boys & just 1 other girl in Athena's swim class: Aurora's class is quite small which is good (about 3 or 4 kids I think - I saw 2 girls & 1 boy swimming with her; so I think they were all in her class?)

Aurora has had more guitar lessons & seems to really like it. Now how to get her as interested in practicing as in new stuff? *smile*
I'm practicing too, but this week's been busy so not as much as I did last week. Got a Green Day song as our "homework" for this week - it's ok but I kinda liked playing the Soul Asylum song more, so I have still been practicing that one as well.

I got some great compliments from my boss on Friday, which was awesome. The only other project manager on our team had to take a family emergency leave, though: so now I'm doing all the releases (can we say "pressure?" yeay. I mean, plus there are major release items shoved into Feb & May & April, on top of the 14 projects in March & 14 or so in June - June you say? Yes: right now pressure's on for June - all the business requirement docs, and user interface docs (planning/reps the client needs) are overdue now & that's the pm who just took leave so I just got a lapful of "red" projects dumped on me, that I'm scrambling to "fix" - tough 'cause the tech specs & design have to wait for the requirements to finish so it's a squeeze on June right now; plus March is ramping up & has started user acceptance testing. It's all "going forward" though as they say 'you can't stop a river' -(um, or is that 'can't stop a flood?' I forget) - anyhow; I guess I shouldn't think much about the millions of dollars other people are spending on this stuff & just focus on my part, and um: not during the weekend (like now) so I need to let it go when work's done, right? What is a major release, I mean versus a "minor" release which is every month? Well, the Minor is 1,000 work-hours total : the "majors" run about 28,000 to 32,000 billable hours (that would be March & June) _ so say, the May "major project" is 400 primarily testing hours, so it's too big to still call a minor: then a PM get assigned & requirement docs etc all become required to ensure the deliverables will meet the requestor (read: bill-payer)'s expectations Yadda yadda... so now, to get back to decluttering my house: next two goals are to put a ton of clothes in give-away bags & recycle 60% of the papers on the "mess table" I started this week: gah!

OH, yeah, & intentionally relaxing. Ha. I have to "try harder" at that, it seems. Maybe I'll go read some while the kids nap (i.e. now) But, um, probably not. Maybe just a little.
Lastly, I liked who I got in this meme, so I'm posting it, but behind a cut-tag

Which fucked-up genius composer are you?

Tom Waits... charismatic story-teller with a penchant for freaky people and unusual settings. You thrive on the concept of the underdog coming out on top.
Take this quiz?

Ok, yeah I edit the meme HTML: they make them so freakin' big: I like a smaller cleaner box, sans ads, thx. ;)
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