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I tried to take photos of myself: new hairdo for those who don't see me much but wanted to see what I did (& esp. for those who live thousands of miles away & have a viable excuse to not see me! *grin*):
I told the hairdresser I love my grey hair & don't want to cover them, & if I would only go grey faster I wouldn't be in there; Lol. I also said I like the look of sunlight on hair & I loved how it used to naturally bleach in the sunshine when I lived in warmer climates, and how I did not want to "pretend it was natural" that i had no need to hide that I had dyed my hair, but that I couldn't do something awesome like pink, or purple or blue 'cause of my job; Lol. Ah well. So, this is what I got then (I like it):

jus' the hair:

I have a funny face here like I'm in disbelief or scolding the kids or something; but it shows my new hair color pretty well, so I'll post it:

Here the flash didn't light up my hair much; but you can see almost how long it's gotten: middle of my back/BSL as they say in the hair-groups, basically (I had cut off 6" of very damanged hair, so I'm glad it's growing back pretty well):

Here you can see my face, and the camera somehow was in focus (it's not working anymore) but my hair's mostly in shadow (shrug):

w/my glasses on & my dimples showing, well that's nuf of me!, eh?:

Since I'm off posting about vanity & such stuff as hair & whatnot I'll add to my journal that I'm down 15 Lbs from the new year & 2.5 inches off my waist (so I'll have lost everywhere but I'm not measuring it until I get even lower - I don't want to backslide) - my jeans are def. baggier in the legs, which is good - I like having muscle, but I want to shed the fat! And so.. onto more exercise, it seems to be the key to being fit & getting to the best weight for my height. Yay.
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