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stuck at home: so ... junk be gone, plan B

Got up, the car was towed late last night; saw the tow truck get here at about 1am (yes, I was still up- watched Memoirs of a Geisha for the first time: I wanted to read this story of a girl who worked so hard to overcome so many difficulties, but I haven't gotten the book, and yet the film looked like it would be beautifully filmed & edited I did buy that last year, like early autumn; finally got around to watching it last night. I wasn't disappointed, quite a moving film), the tow-guy, he passed by the house at least 3 times before he decided it was the right place (slowing on each pass) I wonder why that was?

The house numbers not visible enough? I donno. But eventually he decided to pull in & take the car - got a call from the car place this morning & they're investigating, asked me if it would turn over or try to start & it does... Maybe it'll just need a new battery? Meanwhile Ang had promised the van to a friend, and had forgotten although I can work from home, I need to get the kids to school. I called a neighbor, who drove us all in to school & back (at first she was just going to lend me the car, but then got nervous about the snow & decided they wanted to be responsible if their car slid on the snow, so she drove? that was nice of her = both things, I mean; I got her a coffee at stary-bucks on the way home from the schools...)

Then, because I'm working from home, I'm cleaning at the same time. My morning ITI meeting was very short : just 15 mins instead of an hour, since the project got cut back to testing only for June - thus, I've gotten all the games off the game shelf to sort (too many toys getting shoved in there & the games are not stacking well 'cause of it) Plus, some "collections" of toys need bins/containers (namely: the cool battle beast stuff & micro machines from my childhood & Petes are loose & need bins. And the legos are flowing in & out of 4 containers or 5, instead of one, so that needs some thought - and the Marble run is outrun it's box which is now falling apart, and stuff like that.) - so they're all over the floor being sorted & stacked and organized in my off minutes - I just can't sit still I admit It: I just find stuff to do.

Why is it so common to write/blog about cleaning/decluttering? I mean: It is soooo boring to read, yet I see it all the time, and do it myself: I guess there is that awesome surge of energy from finally tackling a cruddy mess/a junk pile/ Getting rid of it. That's so nice, it just inspires: yet when transferred to word, it falls flat: junk cleaned> yeah yeah yeah.

"When you were languishing in rooms I built to foul you in
And when the wind set down in funnel form and pulled you in

I don't need to walk around in circles
around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around
doomp dah doomp dah
doda doiada doi

But I can't sigh now
that you made the move
It has gone and gone to dogs, lay
down on the floor

For the right price I can get
Slip into the car, go driving to the farthest

I don't need to walk around in circles
walk a..
walk around in circles"
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