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random post - pets dreams i donno

Poll #923578 pets & beds

K - so the pets & the bed, eh? howzit? do ya let your pet(s) sleep with you on your bed?

yeah - my pets own my bed & can sleep there w/me anytime
they can sleep there only when I'm not
nah : don't let them sleep on my bed
I don't have pets, or have ones that it doesn't apply (like fish!)
sometimes they can, not anytime though

dreamsSo, last night I dremnt of playing on the green grass - at the park, then on a skateboard obstacle course with bars & ramps, still surrounded by lush green grass - then at the playground - the kids were with me in all these: climbing on the playground, on the skate ramps & bars - and at a soccer camp, watching the kids do soccer, sitting on the green green grass. The common theme in all my dreams last night was this lush growing grass: ahh. I am so ready for spring.
music Aurora went & turned on music: she picked out Modest Mouse; I think it is so awesome the kids are into cool music & such a variety of it: from Celtic ballads to classical ballet, to swing, rap, hip hop, folk & reggae and well: it's nice. They're dancing now - yay.
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