Alli (neugotik) wrote,

weekend randomness - California pining for beaches, etc

so - night & 9pm & somehow I'm not asleep; despite only sleeping about 4 hours last night. Habit I guess (um, not sure what the habit is though: certain bedtimes, or just not sleeping) anyhow: my sister-in-law flew off in a plane to southern California today for a few weeks: I'm so jealous of her! I would love to hang out on a warm beach for even a few days *sigh*

Athena watched a kids surfing show we have on DVD today too (backyardigans) - cute songs "i might spill, but I'm a mystery lifeguard so i've got lots of skill" - heh. yes, I sing along, I can't help myself. ;) there's also a song on there about echos... one about the tower of power (?!) and a few more surf songs about hanging on the beach & learning surf moves on a board which are cute. I admit it: I'm a sucker for a cute song with a beat.

At least we went swimming today , even if it was just in the pool. heh: my house printer, digital camera, video camera are all broken, and I just don't want to spend money on this stuff right now - the video camera "kinda works sometimes" (It's an error w/the zoom portion) & the digital camera? I just want a nice one, not a cheapo one, so that's the delay there -- and the printer? I don't really print anything; and if I have to usually I can print it from work, even if I have to email myself a file due to firewall weirdness with the internet (such as tabs on songs I want to print out) so there's no rush on that for me.

ok - think I'll go read until I can sleep; that usually takes my mind of any (most) stressors that might be keepin' me up.

what a neat idea:go go global map gadget. Heh.

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Tags: kids, weekends

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