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For St. Trifon's day; I helped a friend move furniture, which was more of a workout then expected with 4 flights of stairs from the parking garage & a long couch that wouldn't fit in the elevator. heh. mini-workout.

I got a copy of a bunch of Gorillaz music: yay.

Then we watched LOST - I liked today's episode that's all I'll say. Oh, ok just one thing: "mm Desmond" hee.

Then I got to try "plum wine" for the first time, served like saki (warm in a small ceramic jar & little tiny glazed stoneware-ceramic cups; pretty) - I like it very much. It's sweeter then most wines, without the bitter or tang - very rounded on the tongue with a full front taste & warm sweet aftertaste that faded very slowly. I enjoyed it & would have it again, but not with food - it's like it's own dessert, or would be good with (some) desserts I suppose, it was nice solo, though.

Ok - I'm tired, off to bed with me; I need to sleep. work night & a school night. Busier then the average Wednesday, I must admit.
(PS: for Valentine's day I went to Aurora's school party & watched fun kid games of dance/elimination in cities with rootbeer floods & m&m storms, and chocolate explosions that caused town evacuations: fun game/dancing to music in between rounds like a no-chair musical chairs!*grin* -- I also got the girls some valentines coloring markers crayons & notebooks and a few DVDs they've wanted, I admit it; but it was rather unplanned/impulse thing. I also sent family in different states hologram cards that change pictures & move, which are sweet. And I was surprised to get many cards & letters from family before they could've ever gotten mine. Nice to know people think of me/the girls & sent letters/cards: yay for talking to people when you think of them; that rocks. I also called some friends this week I've not talked to in awhile; and that was awesome) - k, g'night for real this time. ;)
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