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the show was great - sold out, I danced for 3 hours or so then got Thai glass noodle salad next door because Sawatdee was still open at midnight (the show was posted to start at 7:30 w/doors at 7, but it was actually doors at 7:30/music starting at 9)...

Sometimes I felt like a bit of the current in a river gone partially stagnant , I mean, it was 'the fine line' they're often like that: well,by that I mean a good part of The crowd was a bit stoic/many seemed to be trying to impress their girlfriend/boyfriend/date more then listen to the music, but many were also really enjoying the show, which made it better then normal there.

The performances by both Tim Mahoney & Soul Asylum were so great: they did really awesome & the singing & playing was just so full of life and vigor! Soul Asylum started out their set with "all is well" playing "lately" "oxygen" "the great exaggerator" "crazy mixed up world"... then busting into older stuff - "somebody to shove" etc & then even got into some little guitar vs bass solo 'battles' with riffs facing off back & forth, towards the end of the show, which was fun.

I danced so long my legs are sore today. *Grin* I love dancing to live music.
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