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when it's tough, let the night make you smile


rather tough day, kids back to school & emotional "don't want to go" kinda morning from all 3 of us, after 4 days together at home; got to school though & the kids seemed to cheer up when they got to their schools -yay for that!
work was long & hard, very very very tedious Excel report stuff to do - typing in formulas and sheets of information for the next big release I'm managing, which locks down next week - and meetings, long boring, tension filled meetings where the only good thing was I did not have to talk (this time) but still hard to listen to some of the foolishness & NOT interject, but it's not my job in this case - well, just relax girl - they'll work it out. that's at least, what I tell myself. then more reports - data entry is sooo boring I hate it; and these are not creative formulas like database scripts : these are the dull ones that just say 'go to this sheet, grab that, multiple, average, repaste here' _ and again, but just dif. enough that I can't cut & paste the whole thing. ja.
at least I had some good music to listen to - Gorillaz at work, which really helped me de-stress after the long meetings & get productive on my Excel & not stew and stress... , and then some Marley on the radio "Buffalo Soldier" & Echo & the Bunnymen's cover of "Sugar Kisses", & Lily Allen's "Smile", and all kinds of good stuff on the radio which helped after the workaday was done. Got some spicey spicey Kung Pao - I love that stuff when it's burning hot - the kids got their fav. yellow coconut chicken curry & fortune cookies - and we were all getting happy again: yay.



  • awesome cheshire cat moon grinning, disappearing & reappearing in a very faint fog -very cool effect
  • mrsmodew came over to watch the kids & they've taken quite well to her & seem excited when she's coming over to hang out. Aurora asked if she could stay up til I got home from guitar class this time & I said no; I'm told they both went to bed quite well & wo/complaints: so that is good. Seems like they had fun too.
  • yikes: saved by the splits -- when I slipped on black ice while walking into guitar class - somehow my ability to do the splits there saved me from smashing either my guitar/case or my knees -whew-
  • learned 'house of the rising sun' on guitar - very pretty song; now I want to get a copy of the lyrics to line up w/my version of the tabs. ;) shouldn't be too hard to do.
  • got to chat with mrsmodew for a bit when I got home, which is always nice
  • got some poems from my dad in the mail he's written lately, & some photos & another little drawing of my two cats, from my mom. It's awesome that they are still exerting a creative effort in this world: I love that. They're also quite talented, so it's a pleasure to see their works.

    yay - a bit of a turn around on the day - good to have some fun and learning each day, when I can get away with it. heh, now I'm exhausted: to sleep w/me! ok - well maybe a little bit of cat snuggling first - since he keeps climbing on my lap & purring: hard to say no to that.
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