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Puffy Clouds; Good Stories turned into movies, a night out.

Went to the wedge co-op & got an oats-cream smoothie & some lime black bean salad & some salmon for dinner - went downtown & it was 8:30

It was too late to go skating, since it wraps a little before 9pm so I went to Grumpies for a Guinness, read through the papers trying to find the start time for Ghost Rider, which is what I had decided to do instead. Found it, read a buncha articles & stuff about local music, found out there was a cd-release party for 'mel gibson & the pants' on Feb. 17th; missed it; I like their stuff, It's on my list to get their new cd.

I swung by Kelly's & dropped off her girlscout cookies & chatted a bit, and pet her smart ol' pretty cat.

yadda yadda: Then I went to Walgreens & got kids' tylenol & toothbrushes.

Then I went to GhostRider for the 9:50 showing by our house. I liked it very much. It got me thinking & reflecting, plus, I just enjoyed watching it.

Nice night out: it was warm, above freezing, oh

And the clouds tonight at sunset: surreal & beautiful, wow. They were like, a dozen shades of purple & orange, puffy & lit up by that slanting sideways light : Then, to make them even more dramatic, they were hanging "low" & the sky was a bright medium-dark blue to make them even more stunning. The world is really amazing.
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