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Saturday stuff

'nother old photo I never posted - from last August or so - Vine by the parking lot at work/prev. location.

Today's quiet - quieter as the snow starts to pick up: woke up & it just looked like powdered sugar spilled everywhere, but now it's coming down full speed & I expect we'll have a ton of snow by tonight.
  • breakfasted the kids & I had coffee, I did dishes, swept & mopped the floors while the girls played & colored.
  • Athena decided when I came to check on them after mopping, that suddenly the wall in the hallway would be an awesome coloring spot. That's why they're washable markers. Amazing how much wall-space a kid can cover while you descend upon them to take away the marker: heh. She was totally speed graf. kid for a second there. Funny thing is how she didn't even try it until I came into the room. It was like "Hey Mom; look what I can do! (big blue circles and a line as she ran away)" gah. At least it comes off easily.
  • took the girls to swimming classes
  • after-pool bath & hair washing festival
  • got the kids lunch; I munched on the leftovers & had more coffee
  • Now the kids are watching Dora the Explorer: Athena's latest favorite show.

  • Athena to take a nap while Aurora & I are going to attempt to sew a poodle skirt for her sock hop. (full pink felt skirt w/a black iron-on dog is the plan here)
    I think we can do it. heh, but I'm still scared of the stupid bobbin: so frustrating. If I designed a sewing machine the bobbin would be large, so it wouldn't need to be refilled all the time. Or better yet, could just use a whole thing of thread as it comes, if you know of a machine like that let me know; heh)
  • clean the junk in my room this afternoon, 2 parts: bag up more donations & kids scrapbooks
  • exercise tonight & maybe read some - couple philosophy books I want to get to
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