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I actually kinda like shoveling snow: esp when it's not packed in yet & it's not at all icey yet: it's so quiet outside, like the middle of a forest and I like to do this mostly after dark - I donno - I just am out there in the quiet dark with the snow all bundled up.

We have about 600 square feet of driveway, with 1 foot of natural snow on it & then the snowplow gift.

This gift is pretty generous as we are the first house with a driveway on the downward hill side of the street 'cause the corner lot drive faces the other street, so the plow brings us all the intersection snow, plus maybe 50-70 yards of street snow & pushed it into are double wide base of our driveway.

Today this was about 5 feet wide, 2.5 feet deep & 20' long - so hm.. That's about 250 cubic feet of snow, plus the regular snow that came outta the sky for 600 x1' deep, so what, 850 cubic feet of snow? Plus the stairs & walkway which I'll ignor for now : but novamx3 shoveled out the whole car area in front of the garage plus all the way down one side of my car then the area around where his car was parked so that helped a ton.

All in all, good exercise, and it was blissfully neither cold nor snowing while I was out there, yay. I feel like I should take blurry photos with my broken camera of the cool fort-like wall all around our driveway now. I feel kinda like a kid with snow that packs so well. It would make a sweet fort or snowmen I think . Maybe I'll do some of that w/the kids tomorrow. Only if it's not cold or windy out though.
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