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I know how to make Quiche now - Heh

Last summer I took a survey about what I should learn to cook & lots of you said Quiche from the choices: so I learned that, and it's good.

Here's a series of photos of my "Quiche-in-progress" or How to build a Quiche

ok- placing the step-by-step photos behind a cute tag , I mean cut-tag.

make a whole wheat pie crust, like I do for pies /or buy a crust, etc:

add cheese; here I'm using extra sharp cheddar cheese

toss in chopped up onions

I added olives & micro-wave precooked bacon - obviously optional. I like to put the bacon on top so it gets crispy/ sorry if that grosses out any of my veggies friends. But it's a good pointer for those trying to make it with, I think.

I premixed the eggs & cream and just poured on top : I go light on the cream compared to most recipes: I premix it before pouring, so it cooks evenly

spice w/your choice of herbs & here I'm grinding some pepper on top; yeah I like pepper


All done : and cooling on the counter before cutting! Important to leave time for this step. =)

As it cools it will fall in a bit & solidify the butters, plus it won't fall apart then when you cut it for serving. ;)
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