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Evening Gardening

In other news I got some hedge sheers yesterday, so I got to have a lot of fun trimming the hedges around our yard... maybe someday I'll be able to coax some of it into topiary! That would rock.

Ang also got me a wonderful gift: A set of 6 solar lights for the yard! We set them up today & they look gorgeous & romantic! Yah!

Then I went back to hedge shaping & worked on that until dark & Aurora had a great time collecting the branch trimmings & hauling them off in her little plastic wheelbarrow she picked out as her gift from her Great Grandma Alice & Great Grandpa John & decorating some vases with the trimmings, and playing she was flying on a bird when she filled a big box full of the trimmings & climbed inside to "ride"; it was pretty cool (the box was kind of airplane or bird shaped after she mentioned it).
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