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Went skating at the rollerdome with Rachael & Sylvia. That was really fun; I drove since I have AWD on the Subaru, so we got to listen to & talk about some of my music collection I have in the car, stuff they hadn't heard mostly - & I enjoyed the music talk.

Skating was lots of fun too, but we had to skate on the top level because there was a baseball "thing" going on taking up the lower levels (yes, that's what they said "there's a baseball thing going on") so it was hotter then usual but still nice
Um, so the norm, exercise via skating - we talked, skated, there's piped in music too - so it was mellow/fun

- we figured out we skated at least 5 miles based on a chart we saw for lap conversion to miles (we didn't count so we actually prob. went further, but that's an estimate) So that was kinda cool to see. Especially since we only went for an hour, er maybe an hour & a half - we kinda lost track of time, but less then I normally go, as I usually go for 2 hours. Knowing the miles was fun to figure out though: 5 miles seems kinda far. Neat.

So, then went to their house & hung out & helped Rachael uninstall some stuff to speed up her windows (start-up stuff, expired norton stuff, MS auto-install stuff she didn't use that was also on auto launch) _ so that was cool; just talking & helping a friend a bit.

Then I drove over to the Turf club because this accoustic guitar player I had heard play live on the current this afternoon, Richard Buckner , as he was playing tonight & he sounded so amazing on the radio - both his guitar & his voice... but the Turf only takes cash! I was bummed out, gah- I haven't used my pin in nearly a year, so I couldn't remember it. Well, a lost chance to hear a new muscian exchanged for a bit mroe sleep. As it is too far to drive home & back, so I just went home & now I'm going to sleep

- a bit late, but tomorrow's working from home, so I'll save a lot on driving time. Just have to take the kids to their schools so I'll save at least an hour.
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