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Last chance to take this quiz & guess wildly and try to be my best friend, or simply to fillout my virtual dance card :

wa la:
Create your own Friend Test here

my quiz answers (rebutes and arguments to my selected answers, are welcomed in the comments area, eha?):

2 siblings
2 kids
2 cats
hot pink sheets
I took music lessons for the flute, piano, guitar & drums.
I went to college at the University of Oregon & Evergreen State College, graduating from the latter
My minor was Dance (at the UofO, where I was for nearly 4 years : Evergreen didn't offer minors)
I have visited 5 countries & "territories" : Peru, Mexico, Canada, UK & Puerto Rico
Red Wines
I have studied Spanish & Japanese
I studied Spanish for 9 years of my schooling
3 of the coutries/territories I visited primarily spoke Spanish (Puerto Rico, Peru & Mexico)
I was vegetarian for 10 years
I have seriously considered Photography as an alternative career
My newest music interest of these is the Gorillaz
I spend & enjoy spending, more money on Gifts
games? Yeeeeeeeeesssssssss
cartoons/animations? Yes
Ask me a question & I tell you all kinds of unrelated or related details
(the example was: is the light on? "I tell you how to wire a circuit, why I have the light & where it came from")
At a concert? I dance the whole time.
that's it.
and in regards to the quiz comments:

Timothy I says : hmmmm i guess i need to start memorizing your posts. :)
Thaadd P says : The sheets were a trick question. Who else outside of your house would know?!
Charmaine B says : I need to know more about you, clearly.
Patrick B says : In your face, Thaad!
Derek Y says : I guessed on all but two?
ktig r says : tee hee.
I guess the only one that asks a question is Thaadd's dispute over the sheets question: and yes it's unfair: But I think people who visit one's house do get extra friend points I donno: plus many could've guessed this if they knew me - but then I do like black too - so it was a tricky one.
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