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So Aurora asks me which of the special letters in the Dora delivers, in the episode Athena had picked out for tonight, did I like best? The fast growing sunflower seeds Isa the Iguana gets, the Popcorn Benny the Bull gets, the musical card Tico the squirrel gets, or the stickers Swiper the Fox gets..
I say I like the seeds & stickers best after some deliberation over the pluses & minuses of each of the letters - and I said "I like swiper & his stickers... " and she says "You LIKE Swiper?! Mom Likes Swiper: mom's in love w/swiper, mom's in love with swiper" and I say "What?" & she says "That's what it means when you like swiper!" Oh, man.. she's getting to that age... *sigh*

Meanwhile Athena's taken to using "my" for every verb. "my dress" means she wants to put on that dress; "my buggie's eye" meant her favorite stuffed bug's eye had come off & she wanted me to sew it on. And it's versatile: ... "my Dora" can mean "I want to give you a Dora doll..."; "I want you to get me Dora"; "I'm showing you Dora"; "I want to watch a Dora DVD"; "I like Dora" Etc.. "my a'nan'a" means I want to eat a bannana... It's a bit interpretive still. ;) Mostly, it's all different intonations, pausing, sometimes pointing, what's in her hand or time of day, heh, that clarifies it. She knows a lot of words: she just likes brevity.

So when Athena may say "my book" ... she could mean "read me this book" or "I'm giving you /or showing you this book" or "where is that book?" or whatever

When previews of cartoons come on her dvd (neither of the kids watch tv/we don't get tv reception upstairs) She'll say the names of the characters that flip by, for example: "back, blues, Door-ah, i-eygo, soupy" That is how it sounds, they stand for "backyardigans, blue's clues, dora, diego, snoopy" in that case... - ah well - annunciation & accents are interesting; sentences, structures of context, brevity or elaboration, there are so many choices.
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