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Busy day! Yay.

The girls & I got take out big bowl for dinner - mm spicy, oh & they wanted strawberries too - so we had organic strawberries for dessert. mm.

Then we walked over to the bread shop & then walked to one of those "paint your own plates" places & the kids painted for a long while.(couple hours)
Then we walked back to the car -

The kids had a blast walking along all those icy snow "mountains" - honestly they really do look like mountain snow when they get old & get that melted-by-sun/refrozen repeat many times- top crusty layer that crunches through - it reminded me a lot of snow banks one finds in the mountains in early summer. Best moment from that was Athena "Mom: look walk this way: Mountains!" (followed by her reaching the top of a big slope & throwing both her arms up in the air like she had just summitted a huge peak: so darn cute I nearly melted. Instead I just stood there grinning & said "Yah! Athena!" like she had just gotten to the top of Mt. Hood. *grin*)

Aurora took the climbing time to sing songs she was making up herself as she walked up & down the snowy banks: its' all good. Bit emo lyrics, but writing/creating her own music is really cool.

Hm; oh, and Aurora spent the night torturing me with her super loose front-top tooth hanging sideways until it finally came out. -whew- I think I'm more glad then her it came out! She's been grossing me out with it for days

And: My big brother is flying into town to hang out w/me on the 16th!!! I'm soooo excited! He's totally going to go see 'The Roots' with me and I rallied the whole family about meeting at the cabin next weekend: it's going to be a huge family bash - Saunas & ice holes and beer, and food, and everything! I can't wait! *grin* And St. Patricks day (I realized after I called everyone) _ wonder what kinda silly green stuff people will bring. I didn't mention St.Patrick's day - but I'm sure they'll think of it. Did I mention my grandpa's got a fair bit of Irish ancestry? Yarg. The crew will be wild.
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