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Feels sunny today. Below's another flower photo of mine from last summer,
I take a billon or so plant photos (ok, well Lots *grin*)

My week's plans - looks kinda fun
Swimming classes with the girls

Nothing really planned for today: maybe
Clean laundry
Scrapbooks w/kids, stuff like that?

Rollerskating 2-6pm
or both - I like to leave open options for weekends
Library (?)
Sandra might come over w/Amelia
Clean house
Workday &
One of my 2 bosses flying into town for the week & he's coming over for dinner
Workday &
Last guitar class (for the course- I'm hoping to take more in April)
Workday &
Concert with Nicole: TV on the Radio: I'm so excited to see them ~
Workday &
Aurora has guitar lessons -I got her a real (kid's size) guitar - this one, Yamaha so she can start learning chords now.
Workday &
My big brother Todd is flying into town for a week!! Woot. I'm so excited!

Which reminds me
I have to get tickets to 'The Roots' now; T is going w/me!
Party at my G&Gs' lake cabin: Saunas, crazy jumping in a hole in the ice, talking - philosophy & politics, playing Bridge, all kinds of fun! I'm really looking forward to this, too.  =)
So, looks like a busy week. Er, like usual.
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