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Dinner w/my boss went well. I got take out from Big Bowl & talked about philosophy books (he said if he were to tell everyone to read just one book it would be 'zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance') we also talked of, psychology, death/dying, coping -  & sociology/society - how people communicate, lots of interesting topics really...     the kids danced to Muse, Black Eyed Peas, High school musicical, (I started w/Gorillaz but then Aurora took over the stereo system for the rest of the night; John seemed entertained so I let her) it was nice. =) Athena took a few songs to play her guitar, too - heh, she sets it down on the floor, and strums across it.
--------------------- kids story: ----------------------
So, when I put Athena to bed, she wanted the book that is built into her Dora-doll's backpack: it's "full of Dora's favorite things" - a flute, a telescope, a soccerball, a roll of tape, etc) - so I said
"Athena, what's in your backpack?"
she said "go-fish crackers" 
"goldfish crackers? yeah? what else?"
she says "and crackers"
"oh - yum. anything else?"
she thinks & says "diapers"
"oh wow, good thinking, anything else?"
-- quiet stare at me--
"that's all quite practical: do you have any toys in your backpack?"
she responds: "yes"
followed by - another stare so sincere, I gave up asking ;)
-- ha, that was it, kids are so literal sometimes. And she's succinct too - heh. nice.
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