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progress: I like progress. ;)

Ok - I've lost 12 inches off my body since January 6th: woot! now to keep it off & keep it going down!

Jan 6th:
Bust: 42
underBust: 37
waist: 34
hips: 43
thighs each: 24
calves each: 16
upperarm each: 11.5
wrist each: 6
neck: 13

EDIT: Remeasured: March 13, 2007 - 10pm LOST 12 INCHES in 2 MONTHS: Woot woot woot
Bust: 40 (lost 2)
underBust: 35 (lost 2)
waist: 32 (lost 2)
hips: 41.5 (lost 1.5)
thighs each: 23 (lost 1 x2legs)
calves each: 15 (lost 1 x2legs)
upperarm each: 11.5 (same)
wrist each: 6 (same)
neck: 12.5 (lost .5)

I measured today, but I was feeling great last night when I exercised on the elliptical, I only had 10 minutes (did 15 afterall) - and I thought "i'm doing this to get fit: for how it's makiing my body stronger, not to try to "undo" what I ate: that feels so good!"

And for lunches this month I've been having salads with lots of sunflower seeds, peanuts, green sweet peas, broccoli, sprinkle of cheese & mushrooms, garbanzo beans: whatever's full of protein that looks good on the salad bar: oh, and half-spinach, half-romaine, not the white lettuce, dark greens! It feels good - like my body likes eating, not the lackluster heaviness I feel after a high-fat high-carb meal: so the exercise & eating better/less per day has been the agenda. Also trying to eat more when I'm hungry - not just whenever. Asking myself "am I hungry? yes, ok... or, no, so I don't need to eat"

_ I haven't been perfect, I've had some fast food, a few desserts:

but the exercise I think has really made the difference. Other then elliptical, I've been doing stretches & small muscle group exercises at my work desk (leaning, reaching , stretching to the floor or taking a walk around the building) & rollerskating about every other wednesday this month & last month - it really seems to add up to doing some good - I feel a lot more energetic!
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