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night out -

Tonight I took my big brother out to Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant for dinner & my Uncle John & Aunt Anita met us there - their "Harrar" beer was really amazing, so many layers of flavor. The food was excellent too; I had a vegetarian mix of dishes.

Then we went bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl Their website doesn't seem to have changed at all since 1999 or so. - I ran into ktig & omaha there - which was sweet. It was awesome to get to talk to you both a bit inbetween games. ;) I had fun with bowling, the best part was trying out dif. mental games & meditations to myself to get myself to relax before each attempt to bowl, and really seeing how much my game improved when I tried this, and got myself to let go of the tension & relax, and feel that calm flow that comes with relaxing - I love that feeling.

So, a really fun night out : Now I'm so tired & going to sleep right away! heh.
Tags: bowling, family, meditation, relaxing

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