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Yesterday Sam asked Aurora if she'd like to go rollerskating with him sometime. I think that's really cute. Sam's grown like, a foot since I saw him a couple months ago. Ok, not quite, but almost.

Thursday night the girls & I took Uncle Todd to Aurora's school for "international night" : honestly I expected it to be rather dull, but it turned out to be done really well and it was very interesting. Parent volunteers brought in all kinds of cool cultural items films were playing, music playing : and they way they set it up was they made each classroom a country - and the caf had international food, and the gym had international sports/dancing/etc. I was stunned by the wonderful artifacts people brought in from their countries. Elaborate carved masks, stunning tapestries, rugs, a sword with a wooden carved hilt, trays of spices & colored lentils, photos & postcards & posters of course: but also lots of food samples, not just candy & cookies, spicey snacks & breads, and many unusual items out for everyone to sample. They had rooms set up for: Iran, Israel, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Belize, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, China, Philippines, one on African American heritage, which had awesome music mix, and Scotland had a great music mix & tons of good authors came from Scotland which I had mixed up w/UK; learn something new each day. My favorite room was Indonesia: between the Batik, the masks there which were so stunning - half human half aligator red one w/teeth - another ornate black wooden dragon mask - just stunning, plus they had the sword, sheathed (heh I bet that wasn't really allowed but prob. overlooked/not noticed by the school) It looked like a wooden flute the carvings were so detailed, and the fabrics & postcards - one of a cool island shrine called Tanah Lot It was also how the people hosting each room were from those countries, or descendants so they had many of the traditional clothes on, and had stories they were telling about the country they knew so - it was very personal in that way.

Friday I got T off to the airport at 6:30 am & was up so early I went home & exercised which made my whole day; I felt rather invigorated & energized all day - I really should exercise more in the mornings not just night, it feels so good. I got a large PowerPoint presentation made & all 4 speakers organized (yeh, me too- so 5 really): it's so funny, they're all like "well, what do I say?" heh. I'm having them talk about their job roll, effectively, so it's just funny to me that they need an outline & ideas: I guess it's nice & respectful that they ask though, since it's pretty much my presentation & they're guest speakers. Then I made a big 5 page Visio project (that's just a draft) & I got an approval through Legal in just a half hour & 2 emails & 1 phone call on Thursday: I've never gotten a legal department approval so fast! That was sweet - so I finished that project order out on Friday, too.

Today I woke up to this exquisite & stunning fog laying over everything. I feel like we've been transported to the hills of Scotland or something - well, I have a lot of hills in my yard & I can't see too much further - wispy tree branches & fog softened houses - something about fog just enchants me. Maybe it's because I grew up somewhere that had fog often in the winter (no snow, more just rain & fogs) - so maybe I just miss it because I'm hard-wired for it.
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