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out in the sun.

getting sunshine was so nice today - we walked to the park & played there for a good hour or more - then walked home - had lunch (I made grilled cheese sandwiches w/Muenster cheese, oatnut bread & olive oil) & then we all took a nap. woke up & listened to music/some King Crimson, Bright Eyes, and Bob Marley... the Aurora, Athena & I went to CUB foods & got some groceries to grill up... then the kids & I came home & had a mini-bbq outside with novamx3 & his girlfriend Sara, & his 2 kiddos; and the neighbor's kiddo Carson, who came over too play when we got home... so- 8 people! - I cleaned off the glass table we keep outside & the chairs too (w/white Vinegar, my fav. cleaning tool) & had a regular bbq-picnic. (For bbq dinner I made grilled chicken w/olive oil & a bit of oregano & garlic salt... after it was grilled I chopped it up & added mayo, put it on toasted whole wheat bread for sandwiches... & the novamx3's crew had hotdogs & buns with potato salad & baked beans, which they shared the sides, & we shared all our mayo mustard & ketcup condiments.. heh. oh & rootbeer for the kids.) then the kids played for another hour or so outside & now I'm getting them ready for bedtime. I like a nice mellow day, with most of it spent outside. ;)
Tags: friends, kids, weekends

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