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science fair

Aurora & Athena & I went to Aurora's school science fair tonight - pretty interesting. I had tried to get Aurora interested in doing a project this year but she wasn't into it - but after going tonight, now she wants to do something for next year's science fair: that's cool I think.

So her friends did displays on :
  • How to clean bones (display included clean & uncleaned (just muddy) bones, pictures of the process & descriptions) I thought this one was really cool & more creative then most, but the creator Emily & Aurora were busy discussing how it was also "creepy" & how this negated or didn't negate how good the project was (??)
  • Which lipbalm is best (choices included Burt's bees, Blistex & Chapstick amongst others - display showed various tests & results) This was mediocre, but done by one of Aurora's best school friends "Piper" - I asked her which she decided was the best & she said "this one" & picked up the Blistex 
  • A marble run - (Athena liked this one & trying out the small, med, & large balls over & over to see which stayed on the track's loops & which fell off)
  • A test if dark colors absorb heat better .. er
  • A Seismometer (that was basically a crayon & a cup hung in a cardboard box so it would draw when the table shook - the more it shook, the bigger the lines) heh.  this one was actually really cool.
  • A test about 'what would freeze first' - yeah - I donno, I guess I'm just not interested in freezing stuff, esp right now...
  • A plant growing race (?) wow, not a spectator sport *grin*
  • & A kitchen chemistry project (i avoided looking at; heh -- seemed pretty gross from a distance so I stayed back; lol)
Overall Aurora spent most the night by Piper & Emily's displays, which happened to be next to each other, and Athena enjoyed stunning all the parents who haven't seen in her in a long time by how big she's gotten - I got lots of compliments too - I was kinda surprised by that.  Stuff like "you look great" _ uh, really? Thanks... (i'm so sleep deprived I'm feeling pretty not-so-great looking at all, you know??)

Then we did check out the other grades, the experiments got more & more complicated & the explinations much better & more elaborate, obviously, beyond the 2nd grade area...
Some of the other grades with intersting science projects included:
  • Glowstick brightness test
  • roots in spaces vs in earth
  • toothpick bridges
  • how far does a sneeze travel
  • this battery is a lemon (heh: 2 of those, actually)
  • a pvc pipe piano
  • how many & which color inks in M&Ms
  • A Salt Lava lamp
  • Chemical reactions of Milk & Food Coloring
  • & "Flammable cups" which looked like someone had a hayday playing with candles & burning wax cups (watch that kid, eh?) heh

and er, a buncha others actually but I'm not going to list them all - it was interesting though, some of the projects looked like moldy jars: er. heh -- others were really sweet: the toothpick bridges looked really awesome: one was shaped kinda like the San Fran Golden Gate bridge *grin*
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