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weekend fun: Lacrosse, poker - too tired for cartoons!! wow.

I went to the Minnesota Lacrosse game last night with friends - wait, let me backtrack a bit further:

I got a free tickets because some of my friends won a regional co-ed dodgeball competition - and they were then set up to play an exhibition game during half-time at the "Swarm" Lacrosse game at the Xcel Center - I think the venue holds about 10,000 people? It was pretty full, too - so that was exciting.

So I had taken both Aurora & Athena to the Dodgeball games on Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm; and those were structured games in rounds... & we watched them win game after game: they lost one - but ended up winning all the others after that & came out as the final winners: it was realllly fun to watch dodgeball. I like the game a lot. It was also cool to see a few friends doing something they love to do & winning *grin* It's fun to be able to cheer them on! So then that night they were playing in the half-time show & thus my exciting night out. *smile* - Sports can be fun to watch, I don't go often but it is fun if you're out with friends. So the nighttime event was just me & the kids were at home with a kidsitter. =) The demo went pretty well, but it was so unstructured (no taped lines/no ref/ no one really getting out - so it was harder to get a feel for the game via the half-time demo, but it was still really cool they got to do that for such a huge crowd).

Lacrosse was actually pretty fun to watch, although it seemed a bit slower then I would've expected - there were a lot of fights during the game too, which seemed odd & almost "expected" - I mean, people pulling each other's helmets off & fistfighting kinda fights - and then a steady stream of them hitting each other with the sticks instead of hitting the ball... - heh, one of my friends I was with said "It's hockey for people who can't skate" - heh - I guess

So, score wise it was a close game & we left just before the end to get to another friend's birthday party - it was 8 to 8 when we left (Minnesota vs Colorado) but I looked online today & we lost: Colorado 11, Minnesota 9) so I guess that wouldn't have been much fun: to stay & get to see them fall behind:ha. so now I'm happy we left & missed the end (and the leaving-traffic!)

Got to our friends bday party & they were hosting a 'no buy-in' Poker tournament (i.e. totally free) ... at the bar where the party was being held, with over 45 people signed up to play (and prob. 30 more who were not playing) - so
-----------------start poker game rant - lol ---------------------------
... so of course, we played poker too. I did really well & took out a few players on the first table & had a nice full house & I had trips flop out of a low pocket pair, 2 times!

... and I thought I would go far after that because I had such a huge stack of chips, but I lost a few thousand in a heads up game - heh, I was actually bluffing & could tell the guy didn't have anythihg, but I had draws - turns out he didn't have crap either, so I was right, but he had a higher kicker - I had 9-10 suited clubs & I think he has some Queen six offsuit, Queen-something, at least: not streaching or suited: bah. - he shoulda lost *pout* heh... the guy next to me said I should've bet a lot harder right on the flop & I would've been able to push him off because there was a potential strait flush for me actually (I had a middle draw for the 7 & the 5,6,8 were out by the turn - bah) , but while I bet a ton up front I thought- w/about 2,500 ...1,000/500/ & 100 coins in play... , it wasn't quite enough, in proportion to his & my stack: it was true - 'cause later he said "I would've folded if you had bet hard on the flop, it's true" - gah!!!
And my ACE King Suited caught Nothing, and there was heavy betting / folded, it turned out there were 2 straits, of course - so good, but dissapointing fold - Also Got an ACE Queen suited - similar sit. I folded early to hard betting, which showed to be a full house at the end, another good fold but always tought to not get the win when you have the pretty high & suited cards... , but then got a streak of crappy cards right after that that just went on 7 on... , and then blinds started to go up very fast until they were going up every 10 minutes (?!!).
I guess that's what happens with an overfilled-casual poker tourney? I actually went out in a blaze of glory though & lost about my last 5,000 when the poker philosopher called me all out: I knew I should've folded but I really really wanted to see his cards, darnit. They were middle-suited touching cards that caught a strait; unlike my such hands - there's always some luck in Poker: that's why it's so important to learn the cues & psychology behind betting & peoples tendencies to call or fold.

Anyhow - lost but stayed & the guy next to me was showing me his cards after I busted out & kept giving me tips - , so It was kinda like playing.

.. his tips were very intersting: more about the psychology of play & reactions to raising, checking, dif. tricks people often try & what to do with some board options, based on what's out, when it's better to raise preflop or post flop.. stuff like that

Like, there would be a flop & betting & he would tell me often what he thought/was guessing what people had & why.. at a volume only I could hear, being right next to him ... & then I'd get to see (some of the time/when they played it out) what they had... preety fun "side game": lol.

But also interesting to me, as I want to learn more about how to take advantage of "known" outs - based on the board, and the psycholog of betting pre-flop vs after the flop/after the turn, check-betting, how to get people to call in - like 2 other times he indicated after I had won, that I would've won more if I bet lower -becuase of how strong my cards were - vs another time (with one of the low pocket pairs) he said I would've won more if I 'd invested some pre-flop (I didn't raise until after the flop, since they were just pocket 4s) - he said something to the effect of 'it's a risk, but you'll push out a lot of that middle crap that might just "catch something" if you bet heavy before the flop, and while I realized it's a classic thing to bet really hard preflop I hadn't heard his rational - which is if I have good low cards and someone else has good high cards - by eliminating the middle I can more securely know where I probably am after the flop.. anyhows

- I'm rambling on too much about poker, although I could prob. talk about it for even longer, lol - I actually hardly ever play, but I do like card games.
-------------------------- end poker rant heh -------------------------

Then, I caught a little of "Robot Chicken" as the night wrapped up but I was so freaking tired I couldn't pay attention: yes, to Robot Chicken, which shows how exhausted I was, that I was starting to nod off in a show like Robot Chicken! Overall a fun night out, although the lack of sleep through-this-week, is now really catching up with me.

I spent Sunday afternoon napping with Athena, who I was glad to see wanted to take a long nap: yay for me. Aurora played with the neighbor kiddo Carson after that , so I've just been lulling around the house all day today & it's been perfectly lovely.
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