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kinda just pondering stuff

I'm excited about going to see Modest Mouse finally - I've wanted to go for their last 3 tours & never let myself "indulge" - glad I've gotten tickets : and.. I got row AA front floor wing: woot. My fav place to be.

Er, otherwise I'm not looking forward to the cold predicted for tonight/tomorrow: Boo.
I also have my annual review tomorrow & I'm expecting a "good job" - but "too new to the job for a raise" thing - we'll see: I guess it makes sense that I'm a bit nervous, esp. as I don't really see my boss much (I've met her once for 10 minutes) - as she is on the East Coast, and my other boss/"coach" as he calls himself, is in Seattle - so I've seen him for 2 weeks: one last month & one the first month I started: he said he'll give me a good review. But, it would be easier to have it done with & then I wouldn't be thinking about it, um, probably. I might be hyperanalysing the results: I tend to do that too: ha.

Got a postcard from my parents today: they've been in Guatemala for a couple/few(?) weeks installing stoves - not sure how long, because they flew into Costa Rica to do some birdwatching before going to Guatemala - but anyhows, they're installing free stoves that are safer & don't have the greenhouse emissions of the old stoves: so less injuries because the new stoves don't have the open flames that kids were getting burned on & the exhaust is not nearly as bad. I donno; seems like a worthwhile thing to do. My mom's there as a translator: and she's gone on quite a few of these kinds of trips: helping Dentists/Doctors/whatever's needed, she's always a translator mainly- but my Aunt went with her last year, not knowing much spanish at all & felt they got a lot done in a short time (that was one of the traveling dentists ones - going from town to town) um & this year my dad went for the very first time! I wonder how he's faring, as he doesn't speak Spanish at all. Hm. The postcard didn't elaborate much. It was his birthday last week too; first time I haven't been able to call & say Happy Birthday - I bet he had a good day, though. I've gotten emails from Mom too & it seems they're very busy : heh, she's writing them mostly in Spanish, which, while good practice for me, means I'm probably also not getting all the meaning either *grin*

Ah well, another long post. didn't realize I was pondering so much stuff. Just grilled some chicken, too - w/olive oil, garlic salt, freshly ground pepper & some oregano. Time to go figure out what to make with it for dinner. And then what will I be doing in a few years? hm. I guess, start at the top, and think forward? er..
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