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going to spend Easter w/ the cousins: here's some photos w/them from last month @ the cabin:

artists at work

if you can play with ice, you can play with pretty much anything

Aurora, Tennessee, defiant of the cold persist in having fun

Wren, with her trophy corn she found on the nature walk

The pack leaders: ahead of us the entire hike/nature walk. ;) very cool.

Todd & Peg, & Steve *blending in on the right side there* are not taking the hike/walk as much as a race, and, as a philosophical discussion starts, they stop to talk for awhile while the dogs mill around...

Athena takes the opportunity to play "field biologist" LOL> so funny & cute!!

Ok, mom, let's go .. what are you doing with that camera?! let's go again already! =)

The hiking/walk troupe back by the cabin...

k, that's enough: thanks for looking! -Alli
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