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I & Aurora & Athena went to St.Cloud for Easter, which was nice & relaxing... we hung out with family & talked. Easter dinner consisted of disscussions from racism to a holiday about suffering, and talk about politics & news - the rest of the time the talk was more relaxed and less, er, dismal.

Saturday we had a unique pork with fennel which was amazingly good & a salad * misc sides, and a fun side salad bed full of large jello easter eggs in red, yellow & green..., which I skipped, but were cute & everyone else seemed to really enjoy, esp. the kids. Standard sides like rolls & such: I really enjoyed the butternut squash with real butter: that was yummy. We had asparagus & ham on Sunday & strawberry shortcake w/kinda a biscut instead of pound cake & real whipped cream w/slivers of almonds & powdered sugar on top. I took a photo, heh: maybe I'll post it later. Ok, well I added the almonds & powdered sugar to mine, I don't think anyone else bothered w/that bit. heh.

The kids made a few trips to the park, but the bike ride was cancelled due to the freaking cold. brr. Last Easter was much much warmer & the kids played outside all weekend, this time: indoors nearly the whole weekend. It was annoyingly cold. But the kids kept themselves quite busy with indoor sword fights, dancing with ribbon streamers, rocking out the the Gorillaz & King Crimson I brought & then just generally playing make-believe & wahtever on their own. The adults enjoyed talking about health care, corporate power, politics (have I mentioned I have a very liberal family?), and cooking, exercise, yoga vs pilates, I donno, just tons of stuff.

There was a neat icicle cluster I found too - looked like a sunflower, the wind must've been blowing the plant around while the roof dripped on it, so the icicles formed in 5 directions up down & all around: looked totally like icicle petals, and large too: quite fascinating. I photographed it, but not sure I captured it well.

The Easter bunny delivered plastic eggs filled with dried strawberry slices, almonds, raisins, jelly beans & chocolates. All in all everyone seemed pleased w/it all.

Sat. night I also watched 'happy feet' - my cousin Peggy said "I'm not quite following the plot" & I said "there is no plot".. & "it's a message movie" which is really true: it's just all a big animated environmental statement about overfishing, etc... I mean, even the killer whales when they appear have scars in their backs from drift nets or boat motors or something - the penguins encouter getting stuck in 6-pack plastic rings, pollution in an abandoned town in Antartica - I forget the name, but Peggy knew it as soon as it came on screen... and starvation from over-fished oceans - plus a stint in a zoo - all in all it was worth seeing - the beginning was very slow for me, but after the short penguins came in with all their wit & sass it picked up a lot & I enjoyed it after that- not to mention the musical style of it was pretty diverse. I enjoyed the little Reggae bit they did & some of the rap - def. super cheesy though & the penguins are so cute it's a bit annoying, but wahtever, good to see an environmental message & the end, while ubber cheesy, made me laugh. heh. But then I laugh at a lot of stuff! hee hee. I think it was the dancing scientists, ok, I won't say anything else.

Angelo went to Minicon (sci fi convention in the cities) - so that left the cats alone. They were not happy: the taller one tore a bunch of holes in our very large front curtain (those accordian style fabric ones - nice but er, spendy)... I think it was because the curtains were down all Sat & Sun - he must've been miffed about that because he only did it to the 2 curtains that were "totally closed" down to the wood - the ones with a crack on the bottom survived. (He can just nudge them up then, with his nose or paws, and I've seen him/both of them, do that many times with "barely cracked" curtains) ... I say the taller one, because the damage is too high for the small black one to reach in the living room. In Aurora's room, where it also happened, either could have made the hole - but then... the grey one ripped up the hall wallpaper too - so I have a good inkling it was him. Oh well, just a curtain really. Kinda annoying but wahtever. He was prob. pretty miffed to bother shredding the curtain up. *sigh*

Ok - sleepy time, eh? Well, actually I have some stuff to do before sleep, but I'm off of the internet now. ;)
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