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Athena is learning to sing songs, like the ABCs & it's super cute. She also took off her diaper & used the potty tonight before bathtime! Woo Hoo, potty training here we come! Yay! *smile*

Meanwhile, Aurora is so full of energy she rolls & kicks & jumps her way around the house/on my bed and wherever: if the theories about twitchy people burning more calories is true, Aurora's on her way to being super thin, heh: she pretty much dances around everywhere. I told her she looked like a big pink fish out of water tonight, cause she had on a pink ballerina leotard and light pink matching soft pants, and she was rolling and kicking her legs up in the air on my bed totally like a fish does when it's on land, kinda funny. The other funny part is how she was talking to grandpa mike about how it's almost fishing season again, before she started doing that thing, I donno: kids.
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