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coffee - TMNT

something's weirding me out:

I've been disliking my coffee for a couple weeks now. it's really odd.

in other news, I'm going to go take the kids to see TMNT tomorrow afternoon
at Southdale, if anyone wants to come, you're welcome to sit w/us or whatever

- The show is at 1pm Actu. we've decided we're going to go to the 10:50am show (earliest) so we interrupt our day less, then we're going to the YMCA, then prob. stop by the library & then Aurora said she'd call her friend this afternoon, so w/the movie moved up she can do that easily. =) yay.

Oh, if you want to join me at the Y though instead you can txt my cell (either via my "about me" page here - I have a txt me link - or direct to my phone, k?) The kids play in a playground/kids area while I exercise & I expect that I'll be working out from , er.. 1-2pm @ the Southdale YMCA by the Southdale library.
Tags: coffee, exercise, kids, movie

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