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Dodgeball success. Yay.

recap: got to the park at 5:35 or so & warmed up throwing the balls & dodging/catching with Keith -got the borders set up & tested on the court, what lines worked/would be too far or too close - weeded out the balls that were too flat (er: all of mine, heh; but Jim & Sarah brought enough that we had just the right allocation of balls to play, love that) ... and, then a few groups of people showed up & we played until 7:30 - a couple of people left at 7 & then the rest of us played another half hour: heh. Yay.

Next game: May 5th, 6-7pm =) so mark your calendars or whatever if you want to go: same park (Brookview in Golden Valley)

Somebody's home varient on the 'life is good' style art (or I think it's a home made version?)

Tags: dodgeball, exercise, fitness
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