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good day:
the floors are so clean you could eat off 'em (literally: I clean w/vinegar mixed with water: a great disenfectant & streak-free & edible *grin*) anyhows.

and I went to "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" w/my 2 lovely daughters who both loved it! Not violent really: a couple swords get broken & some monsters drool & growl heh. It was great for anyone who like the turtles, even the 2 & 7 year old sat still mezmerized: that says something!

then we went & the kids played in the kids area/gyms/playgrounds while I did a workout: my arms & thighs were a bit sore from dodgeball: not bad sore: just "worked those muscles out" sore - so I did a few ab sets, strait & twisting/did pectorals, shoulders, about 5 sets of dif. exercises for each area, focusing on arms today... , and did a lot of stretching! Good to get back into the fitness cycle.

The kids were admiring the ton of skateborders in the skatepark at the Y by our house as we went back to the car: it was busier then I expected! ...Plus they had seen MichaelAngelo the turtle skating the sewers on the movie, I wonder if they connected the dots between the movie skating & the actual real skating later today?

I won't list everything we did today, but lots - the other item of particular accomplishment was a ton of gardening: the kids planted all kinds of veggies, squash, pumpkins, watermelon: I know its early but those guys won't grow if they don't get a head start -- and then marigolds to fend off the bunnies; gah. At least some hawks have moved into our neighborhood: go hawks! (lol) man, the rabbits are knawing on all my budding bulb flowers: Plus, something (deer or rabbit) ate my orange rose & 2 of my azaleas down to the sticks last week: GRRrrr.

And I also trimmed all the freaking hedges in my yard: now that's a good arm workout: I have a ton of hedges. they grow worse then weeds. the trimming is mandatory.

Hope some of the flowers the kids planted make it past the bunny season *eep* Thinking I'll buy some more of the "bird netting" - designed to keep birds off berry bushes, but it seems to be doing a pretty good job where I have it, of keeping other munchers (read: rabbits/deer) off my freaking plants. Yeah I should get that this week.

Athena pointed out while we were at the Y, walking in "grass green" yup. It is turning green. Not quite fast enough for the raveneous bunnies in our yard, but it is turning green: yay.
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