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ok, since I'm logged in, it's easier for me to blog all at once.

I also have uploaded pet photos to my computer : heh. I'll put most of 'em behind a cut tag. ;)

hee hee: here you can see Anero & both my fish: the er(can't spell) kulio roach/snakelike stripy dragon fish named "Sneaky" is in the foreground & the betta "lil goth" is in the back of the tank.

& here's the other cat, Argento:

There's an even better one of Anero behind this cuttag, but I have no patience, nor really, leisure time to be blogging/so I'll post now behind a link: click if you like cats, er, or Bettas. k? *smile*

Jungle kitty.

jus' sneaky: hee.

heh: Anero watchin' Sneaky. Who can blame him? heh.

here follow mosty Betta photos for my good friend Charmaine!

yes - I have snails too: they help keep the tank nice & clean by eating algea & keepin' those live water plants from becoming too giant! heh, this snails' like, asleep: tha's why he's floating. ;) he's fine, though.

ok, can you see where he gets his namesake? the pretty little devil likes to mope around at the bottom of his tank when he's not flashing & dancing & mostly, he looks black. although you can tell from above that he's not really, at least in the full light *wink* heh

ok, that's it for my long list of pet photos: thanks for your interest!
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