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I've been trying to wake up at 6 instead of 7 - so, I set the alarm early. Now, instead of waking up at 7am; I hit snooze until I finally wake up at 7:30 - yeah, not quite what I had planned.

In other areas I'm trying to eat better, which I think I'm doing, and I'm exercising more. That feels good. Between the sunshine & the exercise I'm not sure I even need my 2 cups of daily coffee: heh. That would be kinda cool; cause honestly I don't care for the taste of coffee.

I hung out at KTIG's new home last night & it was really nice. We're also going out Friday night & .. then(!) I'm going out with Rachael on Saturday night to see Modest Mouse - I'm excited about that, too: it's so much socializing, wow! heh.

My annual review at work included a raise: that was totally unexpected & nice.

The dodgeball game on the 14th of April was lots of fun - I was sore for a couple days afterwards from the workout though! We were having so much fun I played for an hour & half, plus my half-hour of warming up... so a good 2 hour workout. The next one is May 5th at BrookView park in Golden Vally (off Hwy 55 & Winnetka) 6-7 pm - let me know if you need any info & want to come play, k?

What else?

I registerd Aurora for 3 summer camps: horseback riding (lvl1) outdoor camp (learning compass/fire making/knot-tying, etc) & arts camp - she's excited. I also got her into another session of swimming courses on Sunday mornings - that will go for 6 weeks - and in May her soccer season starts, and that goes into mid summer... hm! She's going to be busy. She also has guitar lessons on & off - if she practices more, I'm sure we'll have more lessons, but it's rather laid back right now *smile* heh. It's all good.

Athena's too little for all those cool classes & she's totally wanting to participate, so while cute that she's so eager, it's frustrating, because there's not much structured stuff for her age group. Her age parent/swim courses were full/she does like biking & rollerskating and skateboarding though - so it looks like we'll have a little 1 on 1 wheel time: Athena & I, walking around the YMCA's park paths & the skateboarding park, & such... while Aurora's in classes (like swimming) or at the park while Aurora's playing soccer, etc... : that should be nice for Athena. - er, I hope? At least I hope she doesn't mind too much that she's not in the game/in the pool.. hm; I guess it's something we all go through: I wasn't hurt by my big bro doing piano & soccer & such - eventually I did soccer/volleyball/flute: my own things. Ok, enough hyper-analysing (for tonight) heh. I'm sure I'll mull it over a few more times.


So that's what I'm up to; how about you?
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