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I (heart) pilates. heh. - and dreams

started the day with some Pilates: that feels really good. I love how the combination of breathing, stretching & muscle resistence & therefore strengthening are all in one move - &, in each move.


in dreams I've been flirting: a lot. Most dreams I wake up from really - & I remember my dreams every morning, except 2 of them in the last couple weeks - like today's -oh, ok, well there was flirting in parts of the dream, but it wasn't the focus: heh.

I dremnt that I started walking to work, and I worked in a downtown area - it was kinda impersonal buildings at first, and the more I walked, the more I realized I knew people who lived in each building: or worked there ... and they became more identifiable and personal; I noticed which were brick and which weren't : which had offset second floors, or unusual paintings, which ones were on the corner of a curving street or not... which were apartments above little corner stores, and it was rather curvey & cobblestone streets like London.... and I noticed more of people talking, the sounds just seemed to go through the walls.... and I kept running into people: 2 girlfriends from college in one / a lady I talk to in the caffeteria & joke with each day as well lived in another - 2 guys who I (in the dream knew, but don't know actually/ficticious people) walked a similar route - I was getting connected with everything & everyone in my environment.

It was a very community-focused and social dream. I have experienced things like this recently: a friend of mine moved a couple blocks over - another friend's brother's kid is at the same preschool as Athena - so I see his sister-in-law many days a week now ; I've run into people I didn't expect at all at coffee shops (Bill W - er, others) - and grocery stores. It's kinda nice. So this dream was kinda all about how that happens - and then, when it happens do you reconnect, and really authentically connect (which is an amazing feeling) and talk and are truly in the moment: or do you go around each other like water in a stream forced apart by a large stone of awkwardness in the riverbed. It's all quite interesting.
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