Alli (neugotik) wrote,

industrial music set was wonderful & dancing was good

Went to the show at Ground Zero that djnoise & djdv8 spin, a nice set of industrial music. Ended up dancing for 2 & a half hours, mostly dancing - had a couple gin & tonics since KTIG was driving; the music & the dancing was the best part though, and all the good company! Hanging out with ktig & alisgray was also at the show & lexi showed up at the end to work on some show planning. Good to see people I don't see enough of. =)

k; I know all those user tags aren't right - two of them don't have ljs I think - but the link was funny for lexi & wahtevr. heh. I don't like making half the names linked up & half not (shrug) call me weird.
Tags: dancing, friends, music, weekends
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