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middle night cleaning

k; havta stop cleaning... work in the morning. I have an allergic reaction to dust - so when I clean a lot: floors, closets, under the beds (which I actually do clean about 1/month to keep the dust down) I have a reaction - annoying really; I think it's the dust mites (?) anyhows - I can tell when I've gotten a lot of dust out of an environment because the allergic reactions go away - (itchy eyes - breathing - rash on arms if moving anything dusty like say, cardboard boxes)

anyhow - boring stuff. trying to relax so I can sleep - um, this is my relaxtion via distraction technique. Not as good as say, meditation, but I'm so antsy I don't think I could sit still long enough to meditate.

hm - maybe I'll try anyway /g'night.
Tags: cleaning, psychology, weather

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