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morning ... like the first blackbirds... (isn't that how it goes? *grin*)

k; time to get going / it's nice waking up to a clean house even though I am sleep deprived now.

I'm also still sore - a friend said there's a standard ratio to the soreness after a hardwork & I think it's correct - (workout day/night) ->next day 50% sore, the following day double it, the third day drop to just 25% - then the forth day about 10-15% soreness. So that would be today: 10-15% day. I'll just have to be sure to get up & stretch a lot which I always try to do anyway - but I get pulled into the work inside the computer & then sit still for too long ; eh, heh: but not when I'm sore - that distracts me.

think I'll bring lunch. hm... oh, and after seein how Ang just backed out of the driveway - he had to borrow my car & it was blocked in - by another car & our hill - wow, again: I love awd. it rocks.
Tags: cleaning, exercise
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