Alli (neugotik) wrote,

"Recently the Environmental Protection Agency issued a permit to a gold mining company to discharge waste materials from a mining operation in southeastern Alaska into a pristine lake in the Tongass National Forest. The mining waste, which is now classified as "fill" under a rule change to the Clean Water Act proposed by the Bush administration, may contain arsenic, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, selenium, zinc, and other metals toxic to fish and birds.

The gold mining company’s own environmental impact statement admitted that the lake’s fish population would likely be severely diminished if not eliminated. But it says fish populations would return to normal within 15 years after the mining operations ended. The impact on area birds was not specified but the polluting of what has been a clean lake with toxic metals will not be good for any of the area’s wildlife."

-This is part of a newsletter from 'BirdersUnited' who point out that if everyone who loved birds united together in their voting, there are enough people therein to significantly cause positive change. I like the group & idea of uniting over a positive effort.

Not too surprising that current national government administration has done rule changes to the Clean Water Act to reclassify harmful metals as just "fill": ug. Well, get out the electronic email & maybe mail your senators/representatives if you are as shocked & dismayed about this pollution of a National Forest lake, and what sounds like is a previously unpolluted lake in good condition... sigh.. how long will this mitigation of base-environmental protection go on? Well, definitely as long as the top administration is so adamantly pro-corporation/business development. Many other Republicans have been for environmental protection, but not the current crew. Like how advisors are lying/covering up global warming data (then leaving to go work for Exxon) or others leaking information to suit their needs, with apparent disregard for ethics or future generations.

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