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weekends are fun.

We planted the annual garden: the Kids & I & ktig heh & she did most the digging, lucky me! Thanks ktig =) you're the sweetest. Now I have:
  • eggplant
  • califlowers
  • 3 kinds of tomatos
  • greek oregano
  • lemon basil
  • lemon thyme
  • marigolds
  • and all the seeds the kids planted (various squash, pumpkins, watermelon, flowers)

  • Yay~~

    I joined a sports team:
    I joined Jim's dodgeball team this weekend, for dodgeball league this spring - Rachael said she'd go with & watch the kids for the hour of playtime & hang out whilst we play - now I'm so excited! I think it's a reasonable committment for me, as it's only 6 weeks & I can't go one game on the 10th due to the Front line Assembly concert I already planned for & have tickets for... , but looks like my next 6 Thursdays will be fun, for a couple hours, with kids 5 of the 6 - and a concert on the other. Yay. I think it's also good to get kids interested in sports, not only being on a team (like Aurora's soccer starts soon) _ but also seeing the adults in their life are active in sports: hiking, dodgeball, tennis, biking, running, etc. I like this.

    We'll still have the park "friends playing for fun" social version of dodgeball on May 5th for those wanting to play with zero committment and zero cost I've got a lot of RSVPs for that & I'm excited, it was so much fun last month! =)

    I've also been told by many people at different events that tarq is going to be restarting lessons - I heard that at the VNV Nation show & at Rachael's bday party - so it's on my list of ideas - don't know the details of when/where/etc yet though...

    I bought a tree , a hardy Magnolia; I've been pondering for 5 days where to plant it now, so maybe tonight- don't to wait too long now that it's getting warm: need to buy some peatmoss/dirt/etc tonight for this project's completion (then dig a BIG hole in the ground LOL).

    I also went to Rachael's 26th bday party - which was more exciting then it should've been in some regards, as she kinda overdid it at the party - but amongst a few friends we got to carry her to my car & then carry her inside - It was really hard for me to carry her into her house even with Christine helping me, I mean the two of us had to loop her arms over our backs & still could barely get her to the stairs & had to coax her to step up the stairs, which was hard... but at the bar jamminrants was able to lift her by himself when I called him for help & he carried her all the way out to my car on his own - impressive 'cause wow someone's who's passed-out, it turns out, is really, really hard to lift even if they don't weight very much at all; I think she said she's 115 lbs during some prev. conversation,so very small really... Hope she's feeling alright today. [PS: called & checked on her this evening around 7ish & she's still feeling crappy but alright & I told her a buncha stories and stuff about the night - I guess she's been hearing stories about the party all day but kinda blacked out on it so she doesn't remember it now; but she's at least feeling better & drinking water & some kinds of electrolyte vitamin drinks etc; anyhows good to talk to her]

    Is 4:45pm too late to go to HomeDepot & get dirt? Hm hm... I don't think so, but maybe I'll just go to CUB foods to get it instead since it's so much closer. [PS: got the dirt @ CUB foods and got groceries too -nice.]

    Oh & Aurora had Swimming class again this morning & she's doing so well! I was impressed that they've got them basically swimming laps for most of the hour-long lesson (for her lvl w/floating tools like "noodles" etc but they did laps forwards & on their backs and it seemed like it was probably a good workout since they swam up & down the pool so many times - part of the hour Athena & I went outside and played in the sand plaground: which was very sandy & the sand was very hot. I just sat in the sand and was warm.

    Sand: oh, that reminds me I got a free sandbox for Athena from our neighbors, & it's so cute: it looks like a giant red plastic crab w/funny eyes, like 'bill the cat'... heh & so I also need to buy sand to fill that up - it has a cover, you know that kind of sandbox right? The cover makes it plausible as then neighborhood kitty cats & other animals won't burrow & use the sand for er.. you know, whatever. heh. The cover makes it all good. =) So when I get sand in it, it'll be fun, then I'll take some picures to post *grin*
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